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Farrell Dyde
D  A  N  C  E    T  H  E  A  T  R  E

Photo: Beverly Bentley


         Farrell Dyde Dance Theatre was founded to facilitate the creation and presentation of new dance theater works by Farrell Dyde and other like-minded choreographers as well as to educate the public about dance as an art form.

    The company creates and presents original, imaginative works that spring from new forms of 20th century advanced dance, theatre and visual art while maintaining a strong awareness with the traditions of those forms.

    Goals are:

    To present, through the medium of adventurous dance theater, a clear message that provokes and challenges existing values and perceptions, while at the same time offering the hope of change.

    To represent through a disciplined, ordered and inspired physical medium an idealized spirit that is supportive and replenishing.

    To educate audiences primarily through the art itself, but also with programs designed to meet the awareness level of specific targeted groups.

    To provide historical perspective by presenting works that relate to the past in ways that illuminate the present.

    To reaffirm values that have been lost in an era of rapidly advancing technology while utilizing that technology to enlarge the human spirit.

    What We Bring to the Community:

    A sustained vision in Houston of modern dance since 1975 as a unique American art form based upon a foundation that perceives dance as an exploration and demonstration of the human spirit expressed through disciplined, adventurous, rigorous physical movement.